How To Get Rid of Clutter in Your Garage


Organizing your garage might seem like a no-brainer, but a lot of people actually do skip this important chore. It seems that for some reason house clearance tasks take place in all living areas, but not the garage.

The truth is that having a clutter-free garage goes a long way in terms of providing sufficient space for your car and multiple other items that you want to keep there. The only way to ensure that is the case is to get down to proper decluttering. If you take a look at your garage and find that it is alarmingly full of junk, you best try to deal with it as soon as possible. Here are few handy tips to follow in this process:

  • Assess the situation and separate clutter – the first step in getting your garage in usable condition is to decide what part of the accumulated items there you regard as clutter. It is not uncommon for people to store all sort of items in the garage, no matter usable or not. It is often unintentional and done simply because the garage is a handy place to keep those items. Bikes, boxes, tools, car parts, yard equipment and more are likely lying around. Take a closer look at everything and decide what you want to use and what part of it you can prepare for junk removal.
  • Be prepared to let go of some items – no junk clearance is too effective if you just move the clutter from one place to another. It might have been a good idea to store some items in the garage temporarily, but it is counterproductive to just relocate them to another part of your home in the process. Donating, selling or even dumping the items you no longer use are all viable options that you want to consider.
  • Have an end goal – the best way to perform rubbish clearance is to have an end goal in mind. With that said, it is important not just to clear out the clutter in one quick junk clearance session, but also to have the place organised in such a way that will be useful to you in the future. A common strategy in that regard is to designate three zones: car parking, work zone and storage area. Keep each zone free of clutter so that it can serve its purpose well. After all, a garage is a very important asset to every home and should have its space fully utilised instead of just cluttered with junk.
  • Organise the items you are keeping – now that you have decided what stays and what goes to the waste removal pile and you have designated the respective areas of your garage, it is time to organise the space. Keep gear with similar purpose together. For example, dedicate a corner to the gardening equipment, a wall for your tools and hardware parts and the sidewalls for storing your bicycle plus equipment you have for it. It is a good idea to create such categories for your items and stick the items together, as that way you will never have to worry about poor organisation and have less need for junk removal.
  • Implement special garage storage solutions – there is a lot that you can implement in your garage to make full use of the walls, as obviously floor space is designated for your car. Think of solutions like peg boards, shelves, cabinets and overhead storage. The more you implement, the easier it will be to keep everything organised. If you really need to, you can also acquire some old fashioned boxes, but do keep in mind those will take up additional space.

A good house clearance job is one that addresses the garage as well. Do not forget about that and make sure you implement the described strategies in order to free up space in your garage.